Join us Tuesday, January 25th, to get an exclusive preview of Voximate

Join us on Tuesday, January 25th, at 5:30 pm at Intuit to provide feedback on an exclusive sneak preview of the web application user experience of Voximate, a stealth-mode startup whose upcoming SaaS product should be of interest to anyone who builds products, manages projects, or wants their team to function more effectively.

Voximate is still in stealth mode, so we can’t go into too many details in this email about their application, and you will need to sign and return the attached NDA as you enter the meeting room in order to attend. (Copies will be available at the door for anyone who forgets to bring their NDA with them.) This is just a standard LegalZoom one-way NDA (under company code name Collegience Inc.), by the way, with duration shortened from five years from last disclosure to two.

Voximate has a public blog on product and project management at and tweets @voximate.

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