Join us on Tuesday, August 23, at 5:30 pm at Intuit to review Antengo iPhone app

Company Overview

Antengo is reinventing classified listings for the mobile space. Rather than trying to cram a clunky web-based classifieds model onto a mobile phone, they design for mobile from the ground-up. This is done by making the listings 140 characters or less, geo-tagging each one, and providing real-time chat between buyers and sellers without them having to disclose personal contact information. Imagine standing outside of a Cricket Wireless in need of a ticket. Rather than walking around with your finger the air, you can open Antengo on your phone, find a nearby seller, message back and forth, and coordinate the meetup. But it’s not just for tickets – with 32 categories Antengo strives to be the new standard for “real-time classifieds.”

Antengo was recently accepted into CommNexus’ incubator, EvoNexus, received funding from the venture arm of a top strategic partner, and has roughly 27,000 users of their current iPhone app.

Current Project

The Antengo Beta2 project represents a complete UI and UX redesign based on the functionality in the current iPhone app and user feedback. Core functionality includes: post a classified listings, search/browse/filter listings results, communication between buyers and sellers, and facilitating the meetup to exchange goods/services.

The two most important metrics that we measure today are downloads and posts. As such, encouraging users to share on platforms outside of the app (like Facebook and Twitter) are crucial. In addition, making the post process as quick and painless as possible is critical. A close third in metrics that we measure is the number of communications sent between users. This can be a call, text, email, or preferably our soon-to-be cross-platform messaging service.

Target Customer

Antengo’s demographic spans a wide cross-section of smart-phone users. There are a total of 32 categories, including: Tickets, Clothing/Accessories, Volunteer, Donate, Carpool, Sports & Activities, Tech Gadgets, Temp Jobs, Yard Sales and more. While this provides for a wide variety of target demographics, Antengo is launching the bulk of its marketing efforts at live events and on college campuses.


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