2012 Calendar!

A few things worth sharing…

Our 2012 calendar has been finalized! As always, the calendar is subject to change – so pay attention to the monthly email meeting announcements.

Oh yeah… We’ve changed this from the User Experience ¬†Special Interest Group (UX SIG) to the Customer¬†Experience ¬†Special Interest Group (CX SIG). Larry Marine started the User Interface Special Interest Group (UI SIG) in 1996. In 2003, I took it over and changed the focus to UX. Now, I am changing the focus a little more. Where Larry was focused on the user interface design, I broadened the focus to user experience design and now I am broadening it more to customer experience design. The format will stay pretty much the same but with more emphasis on how organizations determine, develop, and deliver their experience to their customers.

One more thing… The Customer Experience Revolution is out! Buy your copies now for the holidays.

Happy 2012!


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