Join us on Tuesday, February 28th, at Intuit to provide feedback on the social web application user experience of Rippoll

Company Overview

Rippoll – is an online public opinion community, that the world has never seen or experience before. Create a rippoll or a community and become a part of the rippoll effect.

Market Validation

Rippoll is an interest based social network that has a markedly different approach and focus than a Facebook, and all the other “polling” sites. Rippoll has conducted a couple of “controlled” focus groups on the site, and everyone’s reaction was extremely excited. Descriptions like; “Genius”, “Awesome”, “Can’t even begin to grasp how big it can become”, and other comments… Of course, none of this matters until we fully release the site – which will happen in Lawrence, Ks (Univ.of Kansas)- we’ll explain why at the meeting.


As mentioned earlier, there are a few social media web sites that run solely on the idea of user’s personal relationships. While that is not necessarily bad, and it has benefits to deepen social connectivity, but its only within a users personal relationship group. Little or no social relevance on topics, issues, or matters unless it is spread out over several social sites, media outlets, etc. Polling web sites and Polling Entities (like Rueters, Gallup, etc) – only reach a small mass of the general public, without touching on the connectivity with people or users outside of ones social sphere.


Rippoll enables users to reach the world, in new and engaging ways:

• High Value Connectivity with new people we don’t already know.

• Finally, relevant interest based connectivity, within one central location.

• See in real-time, the connections, comments and locations of people within a rippoll.

• Small and large business’s will finally have the opportunity to connect with their customer base.

• Users can monitor several rippolls, across several different categories all at the same time.

• Massive growth and engagement with a local community, city, state, nation or world.

• Huge Revenue models for advertisers, targeted towards demographics provided by users.

Business Model

No Rippoll Fee

Creating rippolls cost nothing to create for the user. Create as many as you want.

Advertising Revenue

If the creator of a rippoll would like to include advertising within their rippoll, there is a small fee.

Advertising will be throughout the site, in key locations based on demographics of the audience that is being reached.

Several different options for media outlets to use rippolls and communities for their advertising and connectivity to their audiences.

There are several different categories within rippoll that cross several different advertising mediums. (fashion, political, sports,health, entertainment, music, etc.)

Advertisers can target their marketing to locations, and across several different demographics

Small business’s will finally have an opportunity to connect with their local customer base, at a very reasonable cost.

Potential Additional Sources of Revenue

• Deep User Analytics to political and marketing outlets.

• Aggregating and selling usage data to third parties

Market Opportunity

Rippoll will touch users through a “rippoll effect”. We honestly have no idea how big or fast it can grow. We have heard some pretty huge numbers thrown out , and compared to how other interest based web sites are doing, and combining a relevant factor with – the opportunities are huge.

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